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Artur Perzyna

e-mail: perzyna.artur@gmail.com
skype: axcel3d
facebook: Artur Perzyna (Oxford United Kingdom)

My name is Artur Perzyna and I am 28 years old artist from Poland. In 2014 I moved to England to further develop my career, interests and hobbies.

Most of my interests complement what I do for living (but there are exceptions);
Video games, sci-fi and fantasy worlds, ip design creation, aesthetic fitness, human anatomy, pc hardware, cinema & art, history & architecture, trends in cinema and video games visual design.

What I want to do & my skills.
What gives me most satisfaction is creating environments due it’s importance, complexity and variety of tasks. Doing environment art I have a feeling like all of my experience and side-interests finally become beneficial.
From asset creation, terrain painting, knowledge of different architecture styles, experience from playing games up to conveying feelings through colours or form/shape/size, advanced problem solving, team work, time managing, game design or knowledge of hardware restrictions. It’s often not so obvious what will be actually useful for you. That’s beauty of this industry.

Some things are of course essential to know: what are games standards, how they work, how players behave, along with bunch of technical stuff i.e. baking maps or creating collision meshes. Best part however is that, usually, you could incorporate some idea or new knowledge from a book you read yesterday. Video game, as such advanced product as it is, it’s often fruit of many, many aspects, that people wouldn’t believe often.

My experience:
Before I decided jump into video games, I was doing freelance work in architectural visualisations, which gave me strong foundations of technology which later started coming to real-time engines (pbr, lighting, procedural material creation, etc).
Video Games for me are way more interesting and seems to be a best way of taking an advantage of my skills.
Throughout my career I was lucky enough to do variety of activities. From asset creation, through managing outsource up to creating or just developing environment art and optimizing nearly final products.

During my work with triple A title, I have learned about optimisation, post processing, pictures editing, a bit of lightning and level design. This knowledge and experience is important in achieving high efficiency while maintaining high quality of game assets.
Very important from my point of view is a team work, mutual sharing of knowledge and common vision as well as generally get along with work mates. I perceive working conditions as a one of most important factor.
My psychological type based on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a INTJ and slightly INTP.


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e-mail: perzyna.artur@gmail.com
skype: axcel3d
facebook: Artur Perzyna
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/axcel